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Gedung Raja Abdullah, Klang

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Gedung Raja Abdullah

Built in 1956 in the town of Klang, Gedung Raja Abdullah was built as a storage facility for tin and the upper part as a place of residence. In 1853, Raja Abdullah bin Raja Jaafar, who is the younger brother of Raja Jumaat, Lukut was awarded the rank of "Orang Besar Klang" by His Majesty Sultan Muhammad Shah and thus he succeeded in opening several tin mines in Ulu Sungai Klang, now known as Kuala Lumpur.

What is interesting about this building is that it features 19th century Anglo-Indian architecture with a blend of local architecture. This wooden building with concrete pillars is built lengthwise and high with the ground floor having a cement floor while the upper floor has a wooden floor. In accordance with its function as a tin ore storage building, this building was built simply without decorative elements like other traditional houses. There are several rooms on the ground floor but the upper floor of the great hall is left open with a portico around it.

Source: Jabatan Warisan Malaysia

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